uide Turistiche e Crocieristiche Puglia


Apulian Cruise and Tour Guide Association - Associazione Guide Turistiche e Crocieristiche Puglia - A.G.T.P.& C. – is a professional association for tourist guides within the Italian Regione Puglia. It was founded in 2007 to group cruise and tourist guides, assistants, tour leader and interpreters.
A.G.T.P.& C. guides have a wealth of experience which is respected by tour operators and travel agents. They are practical, punctual, reliable and thrive on the unexpected. They can make the visit in Apulia memorable with tales and history and help you to explore a variety of well and lesser known place of warm and sunny Puglia. A.G.T.P. & C. has a wide range of specialties, interests and languages:

and can guide: on foot
  in cars
  on coaches
  on trains
  on boats
  on bike and motorbike
Tours and Shore Excursions: Historical, Literary and artistic tours
  Easy walk
  Gallery visit
  Meet & Greet
  Ecological and Gardens Tours
  Shopping Trips
  Speleological tours
  Cookery class tours
  Diving tours
  Thematic tour
  Religious tour
  School tours

Our Guides take pride in constantly updating their knowledge to enable their visitors to enjoy Puglia unique and varied heritage.
The guide training course covers a lot of fascinating knowledge. Guides are carefully selected and examined by A.G.T.P.& C. Committee Bari. The training is detailed and comprehensive with stages, rigorous written and practical examinations. Qualification is an important personal achievement.
A.G.T.P. & C. members subscribe the Italian and European Code of Conduct and Ethics.
A.G.T.P.& C. proposes itself as a valid interlocutor for everybody who operates within domestic and cultural field: travel agencies, domestic and foreign tour operators, tourist and cultural associations, cooperatives, private and public authority.
Book A.G.T.P.& C. guide many years of experience ensure expert advice on special tours covering a wide range of interests. Whether you are travelling by coach, car, or on foot they can make your tour a success!